Understanding that entering university life for the first time is challenging for most of the freshmen, President University facilitates all the freshmen with Students’ Housing. President University Students’ Housing (or so called PUSH) is a place like no other, a place called home for all students from all over the world.


Dormitory Student Housing sebagai fasilitas hunian mahasiswa President University yang diandalkan dalam mendidik calon pimpinan masa depan yang berkarakter mandiri, serta pandangan global dan pola pikir multikultural.


  • Untuk hunian mahasiswa "Dormitory Mantap" dalam suasana Aman, Nyaman, Menyenangkan, dan Tetap ada Profit.
  • Untuk mendapatkan kebijaksanaan dalam menghadapi realitas masa depan sebagai anggota masyarakat
  • Memberikan citra yang baik bagi President University dengan keberadaan asrama yang berkualitas


The history of President University Student Housing

2001 - 2003 PUSH was estabilished, located in Pasimal
2003 - 2004 PUSH was moved to Ruko Elite (currently Medical Center)
2004 - 2006 PUSH was moved to SBH (currently location)




A mediator, specialist advocate in the field of Labor and Industrial Relations, an expert in human development and leadership and communication issues. He has inspired many people to reach their potential and train the team in the organization to be able to synergize to achieve the vision and mission of the organization.

He is also known as a guest lecturer at various universities as a motivator, who awakens the potential of those who have fallen asleep. He has also been widely spoken at public seminars, training in companies, social institutions, government, and non-governmental organizations.

In this life there really is no coincidence, so also the opportunity of serving students in the Dormitory is the most beautiful gift in my life for me. Preparing students from all over the world in the Dormitory to become future global leaders, needs a program, planning, creativity and innovation as well as a focused and serious program implementation. I invite all staff and management of Dormitory 1,2,3 to see this as an unparalleled opportunity, so let us serve wholeheartedly and with exemplary life.


Quality Assurance Manager

Alumni AKABRI – Police 71 / Satya Brata has been deployed in almost all parts of Indonesia, has the principle of life: "You are here because you exist". The latest assignment within the Police as Kapuskodalops Police & Retirement th.2002.

Experienced in the field of Security in several Oil Palm Plantations in Jambi, West Kalimantan, South, Central & Banten as Group Security Mgr and Position Operations Security Agency Business Services. is currently devoted to Dormitory President University Student Housing Convincing each Task Function Role & Authority of each Department is run based on Job Description which is equipped with Standard Operation Procedure.

To realize Dormitory Vision in the form of: Preparing Future Leader for Putra Negri & Abroad having Mandiri Characteristic as well as Global view & Multicultural Mindset, needed Dormitory Safe, Comfortable & Fun condition.


CS, Community & Occupancy Manager

Increasing number of Students and the support of good quality of residential & excellent service can increase the occupancy rate, the development of business, the number of activities and the vision of mission 'safe, comfortable & fun' can be realized positively and properly.

Previous work experience in Financial Institution Companies such as Banking & Insurance Company. Sometimes some companies also ask me to become a trainer, coach, adviser & motivator

Serving with whole heartedly, sincerely, firmly and innovatively, creatively and also with a cheerful heart is part of the character as a Trustee Boarding Son / i Candidate Leader of the Nation residing in the President University Dormitory .


Office Management Manager

I make sure all employees are PUSH working with the discipline of time to serve students at Dormitory. I process the needs of goods & matrial for room facilities & infrastructure facilities to be used well by the students. I am ready to build the administrative and operational system in every function properly & properly in order to achieve a Safe, Comfortable & Fun condition.

Establish an administrative & operational system in every function properly & properly with the aim of creating a sense of security, comfort & fun for the residents of Dormitory and all people who move in the dorm


Maintenance & Electrical Manager

Maintain and ensure the maintenance function works well in accordance with existing procedures. responsible for the care and appropriation of Dormitory assets. Keeping the coordination function between the units under it goes well. Provide work done by vendor and maintenance to supervisor and supervision during the work lasted until completion. Has been Working for more than 12 years at President University Student Housing.

Working in the dormitory to provide the best service for the students is part of my life to do good, including loyalty to the leadership, co-workers and subordinates, because I have the principle of all actions in my life in worship because of Allah SWT


Facility & Asset Manager

Is responsible for all Facility in Dormitory area to be in good condition and well maintained, so it can be enjoyed by all Students. Is reponsible with cleanliness and neatness throughout the Dormitory area for the Students to feel comfortable living in the Dormitory. Assisting Students when doing activities by providing the required equipment. Ensuring that the Foundation's assets are well-maintained.

When I started working at the president university dormitory, at that time I was committed to serving the students with all my heart.